October 11th 2019

Winning the 20’s: The Organization of the Future

It’s a bad time to be average or ordinary as a company, with less growth, lower returns, and diminished organisational longevity increasingly common. We are seeing a polarization of performance, and the profitability gap between winners and losers is widening. Technology is driving change at multiple levels, bringing us new processes and efficiency standards, new offerings and business models, new ways of organising within and across companies, and new ways of leading and managing. Given this context, there is no time for complacency.

So, as the next decade approaches, business leaders must look beyond near-term pressures and understand at a more fundamental level what will separate the winners from the losers in the 2020s. To prepare for new competitive imperatives, leaders will need to go beyond simply adopting artificial intelligence (AI) or other technologies—instead, as Martin discussed in his session, they must fundamentally reinvent the enterprise through the lens of technology.

Martin discussed several imperatives for designing the organisations of the future.

Martin Reeves is a Senior Partner and Managing Director in BCG and Global Director of the BCG Henderson Institute, BCG’s think-tank on business strategy. Mr Reeves currently leads research on the science of change, technology & strategy, business & society, and the humanity of business.

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