December 18th 2014

Your Strategy Needs A Strategy

It’s clear that companies that correctly match their strategy-making processes to their competitive circumstances perform better than those that don’t. But too many use approaches appropriate only to predictable environments — even in highly volatile situations. Really, that we need is a strategy for setting strategy!

In their classic HBR article, BCG’s Martin Reeves, Claire Love, and Philipp Tillmanns present a framework for choosing one, which begins with two questions. How unpredictable is your environment? How much power do you or others have to change that environment?



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October 9th 2018

The Future of Jobs, Work and Working

What will future jobs look like, and how can organisations anticipate, source, and deploy the skills and talent they will require to meet tomorrow’s strategic needs? Find out more about the upcoming CRF event on 29th and 30th October where we will explore these themes.

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August 20th 2018

CRF Survey Slide Pack: Designing Adaptable Organisations

Today’s organisations exist in a context of rapid and continuous change, digital disruption, and complexity. The key challenge for organisation designers in this context is to balance the organisation’s core tension between agility and scale. Access this document to learn more about the current pace of change and redesign in organisations.

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May 4th 2018

CRF Research Breakfast: Perspectives on HR Technology

On the morning of 26th April 2018, CRF hosted a discussion breakfast on the future of HR Technology at the Bird & Bird offices, facilitated by Karen Ward and David Creelman. This discussion was designed to inform CRF’s upcoming research report on HR Technology, scheduled for release in Spring 2019. Members can download the post-event summary to learn about some of the current realities and the future concerns of HR professionals closely involved with the selection and use of HR technology in their organisation.

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March 8th 2018

Executive Summary: Designing Adaptable Organisations for Tomorrow's Challenges

The context for organisations today is characterised by complexity, rapid technological advances, and digital disruption. Organisations are experiencing fundamental shifts in their business models and have to constantly reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive. Indeed, 89% of respondents to our survey said their organisation had either recently reorganised or had a reorganisation underway. The research report reviews the latest thinking in organisation design, exploring how organisations are seeking to resolve a core tension: how to balance the need for agility and responsiveness to customer needs while achieving the benefits of operating at a global scale. 

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October 29th 2013

5th International Conference, Madrid: Strategy in a Changing World - George Yip

Keynote speaker session of the 'Strategy' segment at CRF's 5th International Conference in Madrid, from George Yip, Professor of Management & Co-Director at CEIBS.

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September 14th 2015

The business of business: Business acumen, strategy, value creation, and measuring it all: A rapid review!

A detailed resource exploring business acumen and business strategy.

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