Building a Future-Fit Workforce to Drive Productivity and Performance

21 September 2021

9.00 - 16.00

Central London

Fast forward ten years from today and the workforce is likely to look substantially different across multiple factors including demographics, skills, technology, and working practices. The impact will be greatest among workers in frontline roles, such as customer services or operations.

We will explore the implications of the coming shift in terms of reskilling, designing how and where work takes place, and how we organise, manage and deploy people. We will examine what steps organisations can take to prepare for this future, and explore case studies of businesses which have already made progress on this journey.

Learning objectives:
• Review your people strategy to determine how well prepared your organisation is for the expected workforce shift
• Consider ongoing shifts in patterns of employment and what they mean for your workforce and your business
• Think through your responsibilities as an employer and how to support your people in preparing for the future workplace
• Explore how we might harness innovation in how we organise and design work, not just in how we deploy technology
• Consider the implications for learning and development, remote working, and how we design jobs to optimise meaning, purpose and engagement
• Navigate your way through what could be a set of significant challenges.