HR’s Agenda In The Organisation Of The Future (London)

7 December 2020

09:00 - 16:00

Church House

Due to Covid-19, we have taken the decision to reschedule this event from 16 June to 7 December.

The business context faced by our organisations is evolving rapidly, characterised by technology-driven change, industry disruption on an unprecedented scale, and social, political and demographic upheaval. As the demands of businesses are changing, so too must the purpose, capability, and actions of the HR function adapt in response. This masterclass and report will set out the changes HR functions need to make.

The project will highlight how HR’s operating models need to evolve in line with changing business and organisational models and broader societal change. We will look at how HR can help build future-proof organisations capable of continuously adapting, and how to bridge the gap between where we are today and where we need to be. In this research we will seek to provide answers to the following questions:

  • • How is the purpose of the HR function evolving?
  • • How does HR’s operating model need to change to become more agile, responsive to change inside and outside the organisation, commercial and technology savvy?
  • • What role can and should HR play in helping the organisation build capability to anticipate and make sense of changes in the external environment and form strategies to respond to them? How can HR help bring the outside in?
  • • What role should HR play in strategy development, and how can HR improve its contribution to discussions of business strategy?
  • • What capabilities do HR leaders need to develop in order to help their organisations effectively face the future? What options are available for developing these capabilities?
  • • What examples are there of HR leaders and functions that demonstrate these capabilities and what can we learn from them?
  • Tags
  • Organisational Culture
  • Future of Work
  • Organisation Development