Reinventing the Business Model: Leading in the New Landscape

18 - 19 May 2021

Day 1 16.00 - 18.00 (followed by dinner) | Day 2 9.00 - 15.00

IMD Business School

Recent events have led many organisations to rapidly adapt to the future of work and adopt technological solutions to enable their business to survive and thrive. As we emerge from this crisis (or maybe learn to live with its ongoing effects), organisations are rethinking their strategies, especially with regard to digital and technology. The need to innovate and reinvent is greater than ever before. HR can help the leadership reflect on what we have learned about new ways of working, digital strategy and the implications for leadership.

This event will feature world-class experts from IMD Business School alongside HR practitioners.
The accompanying Briefing Paper, we will discuss innovation in a crisis, digital transformation, and the implications for Leadership and business culture.

Learning objectives:
• Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on what we have learnt during the crisis and what lessons HR can embed within the DNA of their companies to help build more agile, resilient and successful organisations.
• Attendees will explore the ways some of the most successful organisations embrace change in order to thrive.
• Attendees will discover practical ways HR can support leadership and develop business culture in response to change.