Zoom Interactive Event: Talent: Careers, Development and Succession in a Changing Landscape

18 November 2020

12:00 - 1.30pm


Due to Covid-19, we have taken the decision to re-format this event into a live-stream webinar.

Talent management continues to dominate the agenda for CEOs, Boards and senior HR practitioners. Demographic change – a shrinking global population and ageing workforce are two key factors – fierce competition for critical talent and changing expectations of careers, are having a profound impact on the supply of talent.

The ability to attract, retain and develop top talent is a critical driver of business performance. Technology is an important enabler, but can force organisations down a ‘me-too’ path of standardising talent processes. This webinar and report will focus on four critical areas for organisations looking to build and sustain competitive advantage through talent:

  • • Career Planning has changed dramatically over the last 20 years as single company careers are replaced by greater mobility amongst staff, easy access to education enables multiple changes of direction over a lifetime and growing self-employment is disrupting the idea of a ‘career’. What new approaches to career management are emerging and how should we update our talent strategies?
  • • Succession Management often looks different in theory to how it plays out in practice. What does good succession management look like in today’s world, and how can we best use the new tools to improve our capacity to plan for and manage leadership pipelines?
  • • Retention of critical talent is for many organisations a key measure of success of their talent strategies. How are retention strategies evolving in the new world of work?
  • • Talent Reviews are the key forum where plans translate into action. What are the common features of the most effective discussions, and how can we up our game?
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