Zoom Interactive Event: Developing Adaptive Leadership for Times of Crisis and Beyond

4 June 2020

12:00 - 1:00pm BST


Over the last three decades, we have seen fundamental change in business and organisation models, driven by a rapid shift towards interconnected, technology-based economies. This global interdependency has not only driven change in our organisations, it has also underpinned the pace at which the Covid pandemic has emerged. This event will discuss the leadership implications of the rapid change we are currently living through, exploring the following questions:

· What does the evidence suggest is required to lead successfully though disruption?
· How can we identify leaders who have, or have the potential to develop, these capabilities?
· How might our understanding of adaptive leadership help our organisations survive and flourish as we emerge from Covid-19?
· What does this mean for leadership development – and how is the leadership development community responding to the need to innovate?
· What can we as leadership development professionals learn from each other?

We will hear how organisations are applying the principles of adaptive leadership both to sustain them through the crisis and build a sustainable long-term future.

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