Zoom Interactive Event: Disruption, Self and Anxiety – How to Remain Effective

23 September 2020

12:00 - 1:00pm BST


This is not a talk just to address the current precarious situation we find ourselves in, but to address the inherent anxiety that comes with the roles of HR/OD Practitioners.

By the nature of our work, we are primarily asked to be an intervenor to those whom we serve - hence a disruptor to the system. When we cross the clients’ boundary and start asking questions, challenging the existing status quo, or lifting the standard in 'doing things', we inevitably disrupt that status quo and its established mental model – which in turn evokes anxiety. However, this anxiety is experienced not just by the clients but also by us – as the disruptive role is often not welcomed.

In this session, I will look at each of the three words that make up the title of the session: Disruption, Anxiety, and then Self – within the framework of USE OF SELF. I will focus on what type of intrapersonal work we practitioners need to do in order to remain 'unflappable' and 'grounded' to serve the system changes and growth with impact in spite of our and our clients’ anxiety.