Zoom Interactive Event: The Agile Dashboard

22 July 2020

12:00 - 1:00pm BST


Companies need to keep score to assess performance – growth, margin, return on equity, and total shareholder return are common metrics. But these are backward looking metrics. They do not tell you how the company will do in the future. In the age of agile, companies need to increasingly start putting forward looking and predictive metrics on their dashboards.

The Agile Dashboard was researched and developed to help organisations address this gap. The Agile Dashboard looks at three categories of metrics: Speed, Interaction Time and Pivot. These are critical elements for leaders to monitor whether their organisations are prepared to operate successfully in an uncertain future. This session will explain each of the three sections of the Agile Dashboard, provide metrics for each and share examples of their applicability to organisations. We will also provide data and rankings based on companies listed in the Stoxx 600 index.

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