Employee Wellbeing

In-Person | Thursday 21 November 2024
London, UK
9.00 – 16.00


What have we learned about employee health and wellbeing strategies since the pandemic? What are companies getting right and where do we still need to improve? What type of organisation culture and environment do we need to promote and support employee wellbeing? This event will discuss key considerations and how to bring these insights to life.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how organisational practices and employee expectations around wellbeing are shifting and how we should be responding.
  • Learn how to distinguish between effective wellbeing practices and services that underpin business performance as opposed to ‘wellbeing washing’.
  • Understand how organisation culture interacts with and influences employee wellbeing, and how to develop the right culture.
  • Through case studies, learn how organisations are taking systemic approaches to wellbeing that both support the workforce and achieve positive business outcomes.

Who is this event for?

HR leaders with responsibility for developing a culture that promotes wellbeing as well as implementing and evaluating employee wellbeing strategies.

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Dr. Wolfgang Seidl

Partner and Global Mental Health Consulting Leader, Mercer

Wolfgang is a Partner at Mercer and leads Workplace Health Consulting for UK and Europe, advising companies on health and wellbeing strategy and proactive interventions, such as resilience programmes. He is a member of the Global Workforce Health Management Leadership Team, founded the International Health and Wellbeing Network, and currently advises a number of global and national organisations on data-driven strategy and implementation.
Before joining Mercer in 2010, he ran global Employee Assistance Programs and worked in primary and secondary care and academia. He is a member of various national and international research organisations and a regular speaker at professional conferences around the globe.
Wolfgang is a Doctor of Medicine, holds a master’s degree in Psychiatry, Philosophy and Society, and is a BACP-accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist. He is an internationally recognised expert in the field of quality enhancement measures in workplace health and return on investment models. He serves on a number of advisory boards and is a Visiting University Professor in Applied Psychology

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Gillian Pillans

Research Director, Corporate Research Forum

Gillian has worked as a senior HR practitioner and OD specialist for several organisations including Swiss Re, Vodafone and BAA. Prior to her HR career, she was a management consultant with Deloitte Consulting and is also a qualified solicitor. Gillian has written various CRF reports on subjects including HR strategy, organisation design and development, leadership development, coaching and diversity.

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