Beyond Engagement: Creating a Purposeful Employee Experience

2 November 2021

9.00 - 16.00

Pestana Amsterdam Riverside Hotel

The concept of ‘employee experience’ is grabbing attention, but is it a powerful new way to rethink an employee’s journey within your organisation, or just the latest HR fad? At this event and in its accompanying Research Paper, we will investigate what employee experience is, why it matters, its core components, and the tools and processes that enable it – all with a focus on organisational purpose.

• What is employee experience and how is it different from employee engagement?
• What are the business benefits of crafting an outstanding employee experience?
• What do organisations need to get right to enable a great employee experience? Is it about tools and technologies? Learning opportunities? Wellbeing? Inclusion? Advancement?
• What tools and relationships are essential to building a robust employee experience?
• What is the relationship of organisational purpose to the employee experience, and how can organisations effectively articulate it?

Learning objectives:
• Develop a working definition of employee experience, and an understanding of how it’s different from employee engagement
• Develop the business case for creating a compelling employee experience
• Discover the different components of employee experience and learn about tools that will help craft your organisation’s approach.