The Organisation Development Symposium: Improving Agility, Learning and Action

10 June 2021

9.30 - 17.00

Central London

Last year we produced our well-received OD Manifesto that suggested a greater than ever need for OD and advocated the need for strategic links, analysis before action, a theoretical base, people involvement and evaluation of outcomes. This masterclass will expand on these issues.

The masterclass is based on the well understood need for speed and agility, presented by Joe Perfetti and an understanding of the Cynefin framework from its originator Dave Snowden. Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge will discuss practical issues which can enable further progress. A tool for organisation analysis will be offered for discussion by Nick Holley and Peter Blausten. Alex
Steele will use a live jazz band to illustrate the challenges and possibilities in organisation life, embracing teamwork, clear purpose and leadership style.

Our symposium objectives are:
• To present new knowledge and concepts
• To enable participant learning, collaboration and development
• To provide frameworks to deliver improved organisational effectiveness
• To energise participants for further action.