Organisation Development, Culture and Change

The Organisation Development Symposium: Improving Agility, Learning and Action

  • Digital Events
  • June 10, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 4:30 pm UTC-1
  • United Kingdom

We are giving attendees the opportunity to attend in-person or live-stream via a digital platform. In-person places are limited, in line with government social distancing guidelines, therefore, they are a first come, first served basis.

In 2019, we produced our well-received OD Manifesto that suggested a greater than ever need for OD and advocated the need for strategic links, analysis before action, a theoretical base, people involvement and evaluation of outcomes. This masterclass will expand on these issues.

Chaired by Rupert Morrison, CEO of orgvue, this masterclass is based on the well understood need for speed and agility, and presented by Joe Perfetti and an understanding of the Cynefin framework from its originator Dave Snowden. Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge will discuss practical issues which can enable further progress. A tool for organisation analysis will be offered for discussion by Peter Blausten and Nick Holley. Alex Steele will use a live jazz band to illustrate the challenges and possibilities in organisation life, embracing teamwork, clear purpose and leadership style.

Our symposium objectives are:

  • To present new knowledge and concepts
  • To enable participant learning, collaboration and development
  • To provide frameworks to deliver improved organisational effectiveness
  • To energise participants for further action

CRF has built this content into one day with plenty of opportunities for interaction, reflection, breaks, and questions. Each session will be run in a different style and each speaker will bring a unique and valuable viewpoint.

Attendees can join for the whole day or tune in for individual sessions throughout the symposium.


Full details available here.




OD Competencies – To Go Forward Or Not?

Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge

The purpose of any competence standard is to ensure those who wear the label of a professional in the field are guaranteed to have a certain degree of proficiency in their practice, and also chart ways to develop to establish further specialist expertise. Why, therefore, does OD not have a set of standards? In this keynote, Mee-Yan will explore the barriers to agreeing standards, whether OD necessarily requires them, what core standard should be versus specialist competencies, and the benefits of bringing these standards in.


The Agile Dashboard – Lessons from the Pandemic

Prof. Joseph Perfetti

Prof. Joseph Perfetti is an expert in corporate finance and strategy. During this presentation with Q&A, Joseph will focus on two themes from the pandemic – speed and pivot. During the past year, success has been based on moving faster and being flexible. A common theme was that timelines organisation’s had to implement change went from months and years to days and weeks. What can we take from this period going forward?


A Framework for Organisation Analysis

Peter Blausten and Nick Holley

How should you be approaching your organisation analysis? In this interactive session, Nick and Peter will present a framework to help you drive your OD solutions out of an analysis of your value creation model, strategy and core capabilities. This will focus your OD work on the most important and urgent activities. Frameworks are all well and good in providing a structured approach to analysis but the speakers and audience will also explore the barriers to making it work effectively in the real world.


Four Experiments in the Art of Leading Change: Lessons from the Work of Jazz and Improvisation

Alex Steele

This session has been designed to provide some fascinating insights into leadership skills, behaviours and mindsets required to bring about organisational change. It is a session with a difference, as it will include live performance and interaction with a jazz band. It will be an interactive and energising session, giving participants opportunities for interaction, discussion and reflection on a range of ideas around leading organisational change, with a specific focus on agility, learning and action.


The Cynefin Framework

Prof. Dave Snowden

Cynefin is a conceptual framework to aid decision-making. Created by Dave Snowden during his time at IBM Global Services in 1999, its aim is to ensure that individuals rely less on our own (or others) preconceived notions. As work continues to become more complex, understanding and utilising this framework will help you support your organisation through uncertain periods and difficult decision-making. Dave will provide both the detail of the framework, as well as its applications. There will be ample time to ask questions and get to grips with what the framework can provide.


Panel Discussion and Summary


With a day full of detailed and varied content, the role of our panellists in this last session is to bring it all together for you. Through reflection on today’s content and anecdotes from their own experiences, they will each offer their thoughts on different opportunities to pursue when it comes to improving OD in your organisation. They will also consider what wasn’t covered, and of course take your questions on the day too.


Peter Blausten

Associate Director, CRF

Peter Blausten is an independent Senior Advisor, supporting public and private sector organisations. He is a former consulting partner of Alvarez & Marsal LLP working with corporate and private equity clients. He was Group HR Director of BAA plc, the FTSE 30 international airports group, and Morgan Crucible, the FTSE 250 international advanced materials company. He has also worked as a consultant to private equity firms on major M&A and performance improvement assignments. His earlier HR career was in senior HR roles with Charles Schwab & Co, British Airways and Ford Motor Company. In the public sector, he was a member of the Civil Service Commission Board, and Commissioner for the Cabinet Office, and has a non-Executive board role with the House of Commons Independent Standards Authority. Other non-Executive roles have included Oakburn Properties plc, English Heritage, City University, and the IES. He is an Associate Director of the Corporate Research Forum.

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Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge

Senior Fellow, Singapore Civil Service College, Duke University Executive

Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge is a Senior Fellow of Singapore Civil Service College, Duke University Exec. Programme and the NTL Institute, where she was Dean. Mee-Yan was a trustee on the Board of the ODN and founded the OD Network in Europe. The author of numerous articles, books and reports, she is also a member of the board of the Journal of OD Practitioner.

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Richard Cleverly

Organisation Development Advisor & Executive Coach

Richard Cleverly is an Organisational Development Advisor and Executive Coach. He works with CEOs, Chairmen and Executives across multiple sectors helping them navigate seemingly intractable business challenges. After a decade in the military and 2 more in global corporates, including Thomson Reuters, Novartis and M&S, in a range of senior OD and People roles, Richard knows how to find a path through the apparent chaos that often characterises daily corporate life – and it isn’t following fads or applying imported ‘best practice’. It is how you translate strategy into results following simple (but not easy) rules.

In the last year Richard has helped redesign the operating model and organisational structure for the fastest growing FTSE 100 investment business; coach the new CEO and Exec Team of a European Exchange; and work with the exec team of rapidly scaling medical robotics company on their leadership and operating model. At the beginning of the Covid Crisis he volunteered to help set-up and run part of the Nightingale Hospital in London.

Richard has a Masters degree from Cranfield and a certificate in OD from NTL. He is an accredited coach and facilitator. He lives in SW London with his wife and 3 sons and is an obsessive cyclist, motorcyclist, and paddleboarder. Richard coaches and referees age group football and rugby and his lockdown hobby was learning the ukulele which horrifies and amuses his family in equal measure.

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Nick Holley

Director, CRF Learning

Nick Holley as Director of CRF Learning has responsibility to provide development for HR teams and senior professionals. Prior to joining CRF, Nick spent 10 years at Henley Business School where he was a visiting professor and Director of the Centre for HR Excellence. He has developed and delivered HR capability programmes for organisations across the UK and Europe, and internationally.

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Danielle Lee

Organisation Design and Development Director

Danielle Lee is an Organisation Development and Gestalt practitioner, Agile coach and clinician.  Working as coach, consultant and interim director for FTSE100 and other global companies such as HSBC and Unilever, she is passionate about enabling senior leaders and HR teams to design and develop their organisations in a way that is adaptive to complex change, while paying attention to organisational health and performance. 

Danielle is qualified as a Fellow of the CIPD, Chartered Accountant and a psychotherapist with the BACP and UKCP.  She is also accredited by the EAGT as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations.

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Rupert Morrison

CEO, orgvue

Rupert is an economist, recognized author and leader in organization design and human capital strategy. Formerly a management consultant, Rupert is now CEO of orgvue. He has dedicated his career to helping businesses revolutionize the way they see, plan and manage their organizations through the innovative use of data. His book “Data-Driven Organization Design” was shortlisted for the “2017 Management Book of the Year Award”.

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Prof. Joseph Perfetti

Speaker & Consultant

Prof. Joseph Perfetti is an executive speaker, consultant and expert in corporate finance and strategy. He has delivered over 2000 executive education teaching days over the past 25 years for leading organisations including McKinsey & Co, Google, UnitedHealth Group, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Santander, Standard Chartered, Merck and Nokia. Joe currently serves as a Lecturer at the RH Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

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Dave Snowden

Director, Cynefin Centre

Dave Snowden is Director of the Cynefin Centre which focuses on action research in the application of complexity science to human systems. He created the Cynefin Framework which featured in an award winning cover article in the HBR on Leadership. He is working on self-organisation and the formation of informal networks in organisations using models drawn from ecology. His pioneering work on decision support resulted in a series of engagements on DARPA programmes in the US looking at weak signal detection and attitudinal measures; work that has resulted in new ways of mapping culture and creating early indicators of change.

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Alex Steele

International Consultant and Educator

Alex Steele is an organisational development consultant, academic and coach by day, and a professional jazz pianist by night. He is a Visiting Professor in Organisational Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, a regular contributor to leadership development programmes for LBS and Ashridge Executive Education, and a founding member of the Association for Solution Focus in Organisations.

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Karen Ward

OD Director, Aditi Unlimited

In her 30-year career, Karen has worked extensively across all sectors on the issue of organisation effectiveness, particularly developing sustainable strategic capability. Her work spans two communities within organisations – organisational leaders and line managers on the one hand and change practitioners (HR, OD or L&D) on the other. She is particularly interested in the potential of the space between these communities for creating accountable, ethical and healthy places of work.

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This event is taking place on a digital platform. We have a limited number of places available for in-person attendance in Oakley Court, Windsor.

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