Zoom Interactive Event: Business Partnering In A Crisis

16 April 2020

12pm - 1pm (BST)


In responding to the coronavirus, we need to be thinking and preparing across three time horizons:
Survival – In the short term how do we ensure our organisations continue to operate?
Reset – In the medium term how do we reset our strategy to reflect a changed external environment?
Thrive – In the long term how do we prepare our organisations to thrive when we come out of this into what will be a new normal?

In this webinar we will explore what this means for HRBPs who will be at the sharp end of dealing with the crisis.
• How can we help leaders and managers operate from a position of caring? If we don’t, people will remember how they are treated today.
• Employee engagement will become strategically critical. How do we drive engagement and feel the pulse of the organisation, so leaders understand how people are feeling – not just what they’re doing?
• How can we coach leaders and managers to help them and their people deal with the challenges of social isolation and remote working?
• How can we engage in ‘reset’ conversations and begin to translate these into the new skills and culture we will need to thrive in the future?
• How can we work across HR to begin to build this future capability?

But also, how do we support our HRBPs? They are facing the same challenges and we have to support them so they can support the business – who cares for the carers?

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