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Does CRF have any content on the future of Organisation Development?

From a British energy and resources company

CRF’s Response: Our view is that a new, refined, reinvigorated OD is called for and we have created this OD Manifesto as a call for debate, discussion and – most importantly – action.

The manifesto was launched at a one-day masterclass event in November 2019. The session explored OD in today’s business context and the tools for effective OD practice and how to deploy them within the business – you can review the Post Meeting Notes here.

As part of our podcast series, Gillian Pillan’s, CRF’s Research Director, also spoke with Professor Chris Worley – an expert in Organisation Design and Development – to discuss CRF’s OD Manifesto– listen here.

In June 2021 we are hosting a masterclass to expand on the issues raised in the manifesto: The Organisation Development Symposium: Improving Agility, Learning and Action

Do you have any research, white papers or examples from other clients on what they are doing to create a framework to facilitate cultural change and greater individual accountability?

We want to be able to create a culture within our SLT of empowering them to take action and drive organisational change.

From a British professional services firm

CRF’s Response: Our report Creating an Inclusive Culture explores what an inclusive culture looks like, with a focus on the values and attitudes of leaders at all levels. It considers the importance of meaningful actions,, and explores a leaders role in creating and sustaining change.

Post Meeting Notes from a recent session: Diversity and Inclusion – Emerging Issues. The conversation, with an expert panel, explores the opportunities, challenges, and successes organisations are seeing as they broaden the scope of diversity and inclusion beyond gender, and as they grapple with the imperative to build and maintain inclusive cultures in remote working environments. Also find an accompanying Briefing Paper.

Summary notes from Diversity and Inclusion – Peer-Exchange Discussion Forum. This forum joined Diversity and Inclusion professionals and experts in a discussion of organisational responses to Black Lives Matter and emerging issues around remote inclusion. They touched on the need for inclusive cultures, and for leaders to demonstrate, cultivate and own the culture within the business and have a plan to improve it.

There are a number of resources that look at action planning/learning and change in the Mind Tools Toolkit, there can be viewed here.

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