January 15th 2019

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Today, there is general agreement that it is desirable for organisations to have a diverse workforce that more closely reflects the population and customer base. Organisations have invested heavily in diversity and inclusion programmes over the last few years. However, progress towards diversity has not always met the promise of investments made. One of the underlying reasons for this is that organisations have focused on increasing the number of employees from underrepresented groups, rather than addressing the organisation culture that determines whether people feel included and thrive.

This research report explores what an inclusive culture looks like and sets out practical recommendations for improvement in the areas of diversity and inclusion. It focuses on two key aspects that shape the culture:
• The values and attitudes of leaders at all levels
• The systems and processes that define how the organisation operates

Areas covered in this research report into workplace diversity and inclusion also include:
• How an inclusive culture is linked to business purpose, strategy and organisation values
• Defining and clarifying what an inclusive culture looks like
• The importance of line manager and colleague relationships in encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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