July 29th 2020

Trust in the Workplace Zoom Interactive Event

On 29th July 2020, CRF members gathered for ‘Trust in the Workplace’, a Zoom Interactive EventProfessor Veronica HopeHailey, President of Strategic External Engagement at the University of Bath, discussed how organisations maintain or repair trust in the face of a crisis. What challenges do organisations face as they implement redundancy programmes, restructure, nationaliseor retrench after a crisis, and how do they rebuild and recover? One part of the answer is ensuring a sustainable economic recovery, with a renewed focus on justice and fairness for employees and contributing to the common good of society.

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July 29th 2020

Trust In The Workplace - Prof. Veronica Hope-Hailey Slides

Download Veronica Hope- Hailey's slides from the Zoom Interactive Event: Trust In The Workplace which took place on 29.07.2020

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