Integrated Talent Management

Talent, Leadership and Learning

CRF Learning: Integrated Talent Management

  • April 22 - 24 2024

This programme is taking place online. The cost of the programme is £1,650 (+VAT) for CRF members and £3,300 (+VAT) for non-members.

Talent continues to be vital to current and future business performance. Yet research and experience consistently suggest that our talent management approaches are not delivering the business outcomes we want, in the timescales we need, and at a cost we can afford.

Three principles are fundamental to making talent management work:

  • Talent needs must be firmly rooted in the context of the business strategy and operating environment.
  • Solutions should be integrated, with different elements prioritised and aligned around talent needs.
  • Data should be used to develop and apply insights and to evaluate the effectiveness of talent management approaches

This programme builds on these principles, pulling them into an Integrated Talent Management Framework.

Benefits of Attending:
You will:

  • Build a framework to help you develop more business-focused talent thinking
  • Update your knowledge of talent trends, and exchange learnings with your peers
  • Acquire a means of engaging your business leadership in the importance of the talent agenda
  • Receive advice and support to develop your confidence and influence in talent discussions

Your organisation will:

  • Receive input and tools to test, validate and challenge existing talent management approaches
  • Develop strategies to segment, prioritise and align HR activity to best support business outcomes
  • Learn how to better develop talent insights and demonstrate talent management effectiveness
  • Improve strategy execution through more business-focused and effective talent management

Who Should Attend?
Heads of Talent, Talent Partners, Talent Consultants, Senior HR Business Partners and senior generalists with a talent interest. If you are working at talent strategy level, are actively involved with talent, and/or interact with senior business stakeholders across more than one people process area, this programme will inform, challenge and develop your talent thinking and practice.

The cost of the programme is £1,650 (+VAT) for CRF members and £3,300 (+VAT) for non-members.

Online Programme Dates

  • 22 – 24 April 2024: Online Half Day Sessions (9.00-12.30 BST / CET)
  • 17 May 2024: Online (Three hour follow-on session)

The Programme in Detail

DAY 1 – 3
You will be introduced to the Integrated Talent Management Framework and guided through a series of stages.

  • An introduction to ‘Integrated Talent Management’ thinking.
  • Part 1: Talent Context and Need – explore how integrated talent management thinking is anchored in business need and informed by external context. Understand how these create implications for people capability and talent segmentation. Identify talent dependencies for effective strategy execution early on. And explore how the environment we create around our talent approaches helps or hinders their effectiveness.
  • Part 2: Talent Planning – understand talent capability gaps. Identify talent strategy priorities and develop segmented talent propositions and approaches to address them.
  • Part 3: Talent Activity – create and implement integrated talent activity across the employee life cycle and people process areas aligned to strategic talent priorities.
    • How do we talk about talent?
    • Critical talent and talent reviews
    • How do we assess talent?
    • How do we develop talent?
    • How do we retain talent?
  • Action Planning – draw together and distil critical insights collected over the three mornings. Evaluate against your current talent strategy and prioritise actions to work on before the follow-on day.

Between Sessions
You will be encouraged to share your insights with HR colleagues and business stakeholders when you return to your organisation. You will have the opportunity to develop conversations and identify any potential changes in talent management approaches based upon your learnings.

DAY (follow-on session)
After having the chance to experiment with some of the insights you have learned from days 1 to 3, we regroup to share progress and learnings with one another and to receive any further input needed.

Programme Leader

Prof. Nick Kemsley


Nick Kemsley has a wealth of experience in the HR and talent arena. His 30+ year career spans corporate, consulting and business school sectors and includes 10 years running talent functions at regional and global level and nearly 15 years working with C-suite teams and HR Leadership Teams around the world. Nick specialises in aligning people and organisation to business strategy and increasing HR functional and individual effectiveness in delivering real value to business in an ever more complex world.

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