HR Leaders’ Forum: Building Purposeful Organisations

5 March 2020

09:00 - 16:00

Scandic Continental, Stockholm

This is an opportunity for participants to be challenged in their thinking around the role of HR, to share experiences with colleagues and to identify practical steps they can take to increase business impact in their organisation through the translation of strategy, purpose and brand into capability and effective culture.
The event will be structured around three key themes:

  • • HR’s role in creating and executing strategy. We will argue that HR’s role is not just to operate people processes, but to lead an internal process that translates strategy into the organisational capabilities required for successful execution. We will discuss how HR can contribute to the development of company strategy, and explore the practicalities of HR’s role in developing organisational capabilities.
  • • Bringing organisational purpose to life. A clear sense of organisational purpose guides the actions of leaders and enables employees to relate their personal goals, values and sense of purpose to the organisation’s mission. To be authentic, the organisation’s external purpose should be reflected in its internal culture and representative of the actual experience of employees. We will discuss how to do this, and how traditional models of careers in companies are being challenged by individuals’ need for purpose.
  • • Aligning employee experience and employer brand. Consistency between espoused brand values, employee experience, organisational culture and environment is essential but hard to achieve in reality, particularly when trying to identify a red thread across multiple units or brands. We will examine how to achieve consistency, the impact of employees on the employer brand, and how to measure and evaluate the employer brand.

The event will be preceded by dinner on the evening of Wednesday 4th March.

This event is now fully booked. If you are interested in attending, please contact us and we shall add you to the waiting list.