Zoom Interactive Event: Let’s Get (Beyond) Physical: Crafting A Multidimensional Approach To Employee Wellbeing

27 May 2020

11.30 - 12.30pm (BST)


Employee health and wellbeing is not a new concern. However, while physical wellbeing has received a great deal of attention and effort, much less attention has been paid to employees’ mental wellbeing. Given that poor mental health in the UK alone is estimated to cost employers at least £33 billion per annum, there is potentially a strong business case for making mental wellbeing a priority.

Furthermore, we are beginning to understand the impact of financial wellbeing on mental health – surveys show nearly half the workforce reports money matters as there number one source of stress.

This timely re-evaluation of employee wellbeing will explore in-depth the mental and financial dimensions, and the new imperative for organisations to craft a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

Following the accompanying masterclass and report, this Zoom interactive event will address the following:
• What do we mean by mental and financial wellness, and what relevance do they have to business performance? What does good mental and financial health look like, and how should organisations be intervening to promote them?
• What is the relationship between financial, mental, and physical health? How do they interact and what impact does this have on individuals and their performance? Can a health and wellbeing strategy that fails to adequately address all dimensions of wellness be effective?
• What are the components of an integrated, effective and comprehensive wellbeing strategy? How can we measure its impact?

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